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Disclaimer: The projects presented here are experimental in nature. They may be incomplete, not fully tested or contain defects.
Being free software, it is provided 'as is' and without any warranty. Use of these projects or information is strictly at your own risk
and responsibility. Project material written and created by the author is Public Domain; any non-original or reference material
included may be subject to copyright by their respective owners.

DX-Forth v4.30 - Forth compiler for MS-DOS (2017-02-11)

DX-Forth is a 16-bit direct-threaded Forth compiler. Most utilities on this page were written using DX-Forth
so you will need this compiler should you wish to modify them. For all IBM-PC compatible machines with
MS-DOS 2.x or better.
Download: dxfth430.zip (MS-DOS)
ANS Forth-94 Standard documentation (in HTML)
DX-Forth archive at Taygeta.com (mostly historic material)
Previous version DX-Forth 3 is available here.

DX-Forth v4.30 - Forth compiler for CP/M-80 (2017-02-11)

DX-Forth for CP/M-80 version 2 or 3. Requires an 8080 or Z80 compatible CPU.
Download: dxcpm430.zip (CP/M)

DX-Forth sample graphics, games & demos

A collection of DX-Forth graphical games & demos. Most are translations of programs originally written in the
XPL0 language.
Download: dxdemo.zip (2016-10-04)
Various graphics packages and third-party drivers for DX-Forth.
Download: dxgraph.zip (2017-03-05)
HEXBIN v0.1 - Hex/binary conversion utility (2003-12-08)
HEXBIN is a general purpose hex-binary conversion utility.
It will accept a raw ascii-hex or binary file and convert it to binary or hex. Output may be in binary, unformatted
hex (raw), formatted hex (Intel, MOS Technology or Motorola)
Download: hexbin01.zip (MS-DOS)
KCS v0.8 - Kansas City Standard and CUTS tape decoder/encoder (2006-01-28)
This is for all you old-timers that still have computer programs on cassette!
One of the most popular early ways to store computer programs on audio cassettes was the Kansas City Standard
(also known as the 'BYTE standard'). Developed in 1975, it uses an encoding scheme where a '0' bit is represented
as 4 cycles of 1200Hz and a '1' bit as 8 cycles of 2400Hz. The data rate is 300 bits per second. Computers which
used the Kansas City Standard include S100-based systems, PT SOL-20, Ohio Scientific C1P/Superboard II,
Compukit UK101, Acorn ATOM and many others.
The KCS utility allows programs stored on cassette tape using either the Kansas City Standard or CUTS (Processor
Technology Computer Users Tape Standard) to be decoded to a program file. The reverse process - converting a
program file to an audio wavefile is also possible, allowing one to produce perfectly regenerated cassettes. KCS
works with 8-bit mono WAV, VOC or RAW audio files recorded at 22050 samples per second. A variety of serial
formats are allowed including 7 or 8 bit data, 1 or 2 stop bits, odd/even or no parity.
Download: kcs08.zip (MS-DOS)
KIMTAPE v0.5 - tape conversion utility for KIM-1 and SYM-1 (2004-05-17)
Similar to the KCS utility for Kansas City Standard tapes, KIMTAPE allows programs stored on cassette tape to be
decoded to a program file. It handles both MOS Technology KIM-1 and Synertek SYM-1 tape formats including
HYPERTAPE. The reverse process - converting a program file to an audio wavefile is also possible, allowing one to
produce perfectly regenerated cassettes. KIMTAPE works with 8-bit mono WAV, VOC or RAW audio files recorded
at 22050 samples per second.
Download: kimtap05.zip (MS-DOS)

MORSE v1.0 - Morse code trainer (2017-01-15)

MORSE takes any ascii text file and sends it to the PC speaker as a stream of Morse code characters. Output may be
directed to a WAV or VOC sound file for dubbing to an audio cassette or CD. The speed can be varied from 5 to 40
words per minute. The character speed may be set higher than the send speed (the "Farnsworth method") to aid
learning. MORSE is able to generate practice files consisting of groups of random characters. A feature of MORSE is
the ability to insert user-supplied audio samples when output is directed to a WAV/VOC file.
Download: morse10.zip (MS-DOS)

MTUTOR v2.9 - Morse code tutor (2017-01-15)

MTUTOR is a Morse code tutor comprising six graduated lessons and five practices supplied as audio WAV files.
Also included are the MS-DOS tools, files and audio samples used to create the tutor.
Download: mtutor29.zip (WAV audio, 563Kb)

TRACK v0.3 - 3-point tracking calculator for LC tuned circuits (2013-07-29)

A three-point tracking calculator for Radio Amateurs to help minimize tracking errors associated with the design of
superheterodyne circuits. It may also be used to improve the scale linearity of single tuned circuits.
Download: track03.zip (MS-DOS)

PIFORMAT v1.1 - PI data reformatter (2016-09-13)

Convert text data from n-digit PI calculators to a basic form for comparison, or to a format of your preference.
Includes binaries and source for MS-DOS and CP/M 80.
Download: pifmt11.zip (MS-DOS & CP/M)

RESISTOR v0.2 - parallel combination selector (2010-04-22)

A program that allows the user to enter a resistance value and tolerance and then select a matching combination of
parallel resistors from the E12 or E24 series of preferred values.
Download: resist02.zip (MS-DOS)

SOLENT v0.2 - a conversion utility for KCS and SOL-20 users (2003-10-13)

SOLENT is a companion to KCS - a utility to decode/encode "Kansas City Standard" and Processor Technology
"CUTS" cassette tapes.
Processor Technology's SOL-20 and CUTER-based systems store programs to tape in a special format. As KCS
simply dumps all data found on a tape, a utility is required to convert KCS tape binary files into ENT format for use
on a SOL-20 or the Solace emulator. SOLENT can also be used to create Processor Technology tapes from ENT files
without recourse to a real machine!
Download: solent02.zip (MS-DOS)

OSI LOADER v0.2b - Convert OSI binary files to hex loader format (2003-10-09)

These days it is much easier to write machine code programs using a cross-assembler on the IBM-PC and transfer the
binary to the target computer for testing. OSI LOADER converts binary files to Ohio Scientific hex loader format
which can be sent serially to an OSI computer.
Download: osilod2b.zip (MS-DOS)

A65 v1.16 - 65C02 Assembler (2015-04-03)

A65 is a cross-assembler for the 65C02 microprocessor. It is specifically designed to assemble source files written
using standard MOS Technology assembler syntax. Includes Turbo-C source.
Download: a65v116.zip (MS-DOS)

ASM48 v1.2 - 8048 Assembler (2002-09-25)

ASM48 is a cross-assembler for the MCS-48 and UPI-41 series of microcontrollers. Devices supported include the
8035, 8039, 8048, 8748, 8041 and others.
Download: asm48dos.zip (MS-DOS).
A version for CP/M-80 is available here.

20KHz Bandpass Audio Filter (2004-01-26)

A general audio filter with a 20Hz to 20KHz response and 24 dB/octave slope. Its purpose is to remove frequencies
outside the audible range. It is particularly useful as a pre-filter for audio sampling applications, where it will remove
sub-sonic rumble and provide anti-alias filtering.
Download: bpf20k.zip


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